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My Tie Fighter, My Picture

DSC_0008 DSC_0013

I work TOO LONG and TOO HARD to get where I am for someone to slander me. I’ve been up

all hours writing patterns and tweeking to make the perfect product for my customers. They

request it, I can make it. And I put my ALL into it. MY ALL. Sorry for the misunderstanding but now I

hope there is an understanding, that this is all me and not someone else putting in this work. All the credit

goes to Martian Creations, thank you.


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Crocheting in the Park

Moore Square Park Downtown Raleigh, NC
Moore Square Park Downtown Raleigh, NC

As you can see, I was getting down to business with my “Skull Shawl” Pattern in the park. I decided to go to Moore Square Park in Downtown Raleigh and just pick a bench and go to town on some crochet. Sparked alot of convos on how I was able to make a skull that quick with something I can make blankets out of. People were shocked that you can make more than scarves, hats, and blankies with crochet!

Here’s to an amazing day with shock and awe!

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First Friday In Raleigh



It’s always nice when I have the opportunity to participate in a First Friday Event AND make money! This month I was with The London Bridge Pub on Hargett Street in Downtown Raleigh! I always love it there. A relaxed atmosphere and the staff is awesome. Very London Pubbish. And I’m sure you don’t know this yet but I LOVE anything English. Seriously. I’m absolutely barmy for those blokes! Okay enough of that duff.

My friend Frances, who I find as the IT girl of Raleigh in my book, asked me one day, “hey you and Martian Creations want to hang one First Friday?” And here I am on my second First Friday with them.

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Is it WORLDWIDE or NATIONAL Crocheting and Knitting In Public Day?

I am getting mixed info on this…. this one is for KNITTING! What? nothing for CROCHET!? 

1. There seems to be a war between knitters and crocheters….I have friends who are knitters. (like its a race or something LOL!!!)

2. And why am I JUST hearing about this Knit and Crochet In Public Day?! UGH! 

ok Im done.

My plans: I am going to a local park this Saturday in Downtown Raleigh across from my studio. I have an unusable bike that was donated to me and im going to yarnbomb it!!!! IN PUBLIC! PEOPLE STARING AT ME! THINKING IM CRAZY AND STUFF! yes, I lost my marbles.  But Im going to have so much fun doing it. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOIN? DO YOU HAVE ANY INFO ON THIS? DO YOU WANT TO THROW ENCOURAGEMENT MY WAY?