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A picture explanation of a perfect protective hairstyle for me

I’m a scarf person. No ifs, ands, or buts. (Yes buts). So I adore this style idea to explore my scarf wrap fetish. AND it protects my hair extra from the garbage in the air. AND people TOUCHING it! Ugh…….why do people feel the need to touch????? Sorry, I promise to post a rant post on that subject. 

I sometimes, not always, start with pre-washed hair. When I don’t, I use this nifty, awesome tool. THE Q-REDEW!!!!  


It does what it advertises and more!!!!! I SERIOULSY encourage you to get one. When you are working with an old twist out etc, you need this to add moisture to your hair in a non-harsh way making it easier to work with reducing the occurrence of breakage which is VERY common when working with old twist outs. It cuts down on the need for too many WASH DAYS. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaate those. 

Once I sectioned my hair, Q-Redewing each section, and adding my moisturizer (in my case, just my Shea Butter and olive oil mixture), I start flat twisting in a downward pattern starting from top of my head and working my way down to front and down to back. 


I like to end them with a Bantu knot and leave them like that for a few hours to keep the ends curly. 


Once I’m done I start wrapping those scarves!!!!!



Sometimes, I let the ends loose. 


Try it out sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to rock a badu look for a week or two. 





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