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This author’s feelings on watching “Get Out” with her wife. 

Read the article here:

Let’s start with my husband is white and I am a black woman. From my own experience, I watched this movie by myself to avoid having this very discussion this author had with her wife.

I will admit, it’s a bit difficult for him to see racism as quickly as I. But when he does, he loses his MIND! I mean he loses it, folks.

Months back we were going through a particularly difficult financial situation and I needed to find work. So it was time for applications. So I applied at Amazon Prime to be a driver, doctor’s offices for receptionist, managerial positions etc. I heard nothing for a few months. I have experience and AWESOME references for these jobs. I was a front end manager at The Home Depot for years! Just was a little too much stress for me.

My husband applied to be an Amazon Prime driver, got a call back in a WEEK. He has NO EXPERIENCE. To say the least he was surprised.

His name is Peter. My name is LaKeesha. Is it true? Is it in the name? We decided on an experiment. My middle name is Marie. So I filled out these SAME applications using Marie instead of LaKeesha. Same information of course. NO DIFFERENCES.

EVERY application called back.

My husband LOST it folks.

What did I do? I turned them all down. Who wants to work at an establishment that hires people with white names, THINKING they are white? I sure didn’t.

The moral of my story? Racism is real. It sometimes may not be blatant but it’s real.

So with this Get Out movie……Yes, this movie is pure fiction, with fictional characters and situations. There are no hidden cults etc. BUT there is lots of racism in this world.

This movie is full of hidden meanings connected to unrealistic situations, it’s JUST a movie. But it’s a movie to get you thinking and aware that although your life is not like this movie, you WILL experience racism as an African American. But let’s not kill anybody though!!!

When I experience racism in my employment search, you know what I did? I created a job for myself and now me and my husband own a social media marketing business together. And we enjoy it. Working for someone else, who may even be racist, was not how I wanted to live my life.

I took control without regrets.



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