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Martian Creations Pattern Featured on Moogley

So this past week Martian Creations was featured as a designer on Moogley. What’s Moogley? Moogley was a blog created by Tamara Kelly to blog and share crochet and knitting ideas. She features free and paid patterns. The first time I ran into Moogley was when I was searching for crochet letters and numbers. And she was offering them for free! Here and here. Ever since then I loved going to this site to see what she finds in her travels. Until I was found in her travels! Lol!

She blogged about 10 Beautiful & Free Crochet Earring Patterns in Thread and a Martian Creations Pattern was one of them!  My Circle Flower Hoops.

Crochet Circle Flower Hoops

Felt so honored to be featured in something so awesome. Thank you, Moogley Queen!

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First Friday In Raleigh



It’s always nice when I have the opportunity to participate in a First Friday Event AND make money! This month I was with The London Bridge Pub on Hargett Street in Downtown Raleigh! I always love it there. A relaxed atmosphere and the staff is awesome. Very London Pubbish. And I’m sure you don’t know this yet but I LOVE anything English. Seriously. I’m absolutely barmy for those blokes! Okay enough of that duff.

My friend Frances, who I find as the IT girl of Raleigh in my book, asked me one day, “hey you and Martian Creations want to hang one First Friday?” And here I am on my second First Friday with them.

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Wavy Shell Stitch Hoops

Wavy shell stitch earrings

Wavy Shell-Stitch Hoops


You’ll need:

◊Size 1.25 mm crochet hook
◊Hoop earring, with at least a 2″ diameter or 5mm diameter.
◊Floss thread, any color
◊Tapestry needle

Note: These rows are worked on the OUTSIDE of the hoop. It wouldn’t appear very wavy at first, but when you are done with the two rows, push the work to the inside of hoop and TADA you have wavy! I promise.

Note 2: If you are an experienced hooker, and know the difference between the “right side of work” and the “wrong side of work”, and are bothered when you see it and think ” the wrong side is showing!” If you have this problem like I do, start crocheting from the post part on one earring and start from the clasp part of the other earring . Then you will have them match so that the right side of the work is showing on each earring.

Row 1: Work 56 sc around the hoop.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, slst in first 2 stitches, *sc,hdc,dc,hdc,sc, (each in their own stitch) slst in the next 2 stiches repeat from * around.

Finish off. Sew in loose ends, and like I said before, push the work to the inside of hoop and TADA! Look at your cute earring, then repeat it again for the other earring!!!


I was just thinking of this pattern and came up with a new piece of info….. Depending on the hoop you are able to find, add multiples of 7 sc’s in row one if your hoop is bigger, if the hoop is smaller, take away multiples of 7 sc’s in row one.

any questions???? just ask, and i will answer on the double!!

PLEASE post your results on Ravelry i would love to see this in other colors and styles!!!

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Pica De Flores

pica de flores
Pica De Flores– (Spanish word for hummingbirds)
Doesn’t really apply to these earrings but hummingbirds
will like them!

-You need a size 1.25 size crochet hook.
-Thread of your choice but preferably as thin as you can get it.
-A tapestry needle.

Ch 4, slst to form a ring.

Rnd 1-
Ch 1, (sc in ring ch3)repeat this 4 times more, slst to first sc.= 5 ch 3 spaces

Rnd 2- ch 1, (sc,hdc,3 dc,hdc,sc) in each ch 3 space. slst to first sc=5 petals

After you made the second one sew them together and you have your first earring. Repeat this for the second earring.

How easy is that????

PLEASE post your results on Ravelry i would love to see this in other colors and styles!!!