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DIY Food Hearts

You love pizza? Crochet a heart around it!

Millie's Crochet House

crochet food pins

Hello my fellow crafters!

I’ve been enjoying a little mini-vacation since my husband has had two weeks off. ^.^ While this is great the days are really busy, I usually craft in the mornings before he wakes up (he sleeps like the dead while I’m up at 7am sharp.) During one of these early mornings I thought of these cute little foodie hearts. The idea came from my “Pizza my Heart” canvas painting. These were made as pins, although I think these could be used for quite a few accessories, maybe hair clips, tiny earrings, or paperclip tabs.

Brown, Yellow, Pink, or Green Size 4 yarn (Red Heart, Vanna’s Choice, CraftSmart, ect.)
Size 3 mm Hook or Size 2.5 mm Hook
Yarn Needle, Scissors, Pins, Felt, Glue, Embroidery Thread

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
2sc, 2Hdc, 2Dc, 3Trc, ect – (Any number before the stitch) Increase…

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Crochet Frida Clutch — Mummy, Mummy!

A couple of months ago or so I stumbled upon a photo and instruction of a crochet Frida Kahlo brooch on my Instagram. Ever since then I would find photos of crocheted Frida Kahlo in some kind or other. Inspired by that, I came up with my own Frida Kahlo clutch! Materials: 4ply cotton yarn […]

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Help Martian Creations Get To AFROPUNK 2015

HEEEYY Ya’ll!!!!

You already know me as the owner and mastermind behind Martian Creations, the one who creates a mishmash of crochet awesomeness!

You already know me as the owner and mastermind behind Martian Creations, the one who creates a mishmash of crochet awesomeness!

Creating has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been fortunate to be able to turn that into a business. I officially started Martian Creations in 2006. Since then, I have been putting in the blood, sweat, and tears to get this off the ground. That includes setting up almost every weekend to be a vendor at many events and festivals around Raleigh for years. I love Raleigh and all those events, but now it’s time to hit it big!

I recently got accepted to be a vendor at the AFOPUNK Festival in Brooklyn, NY this summer. This festival has been described by the New York Times as “the most multicultural festival in the US,” the word AFROPUNK itself has become synonymous with open-minded, non-conforming and unconventional, placing the institution at the epicenter of urban culture inspired by alternative music. This is absolutely me!

Unlike local events, this festival has a steeper vending fee than I can currently afford. I started this campaign to raise the funds for the vending fee ($800) and van rental/gas ($750).

This is the stepping stone to a whole new market and will help with the growth of Martian Creations. Together with your help we can bring the crochet movement to the masses. Thank you in advance to all my Martian supporters!

“Crochet For The Rest Of US”



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5 Things I’ve Learned About Amigurumi

drawn and hooked


It’s been almost six months since I started making amigurumi (for the unacquainted, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small stuffed toys – mostly animals, but also objects) so I thought it’d be a great time to share with you 5 things I’ve learned since then. Being self taught (well, mum taught me how to crochet a chain and the rest I’ve learned from books and blogs) I’ve made an array of “mistakes” – some of which have only been corrected as recently as a week or so ago. While some of my mistakes might be unique I’m guessing that some might not be – so hopefully this post is of use to someone! 🙂

Above is a picture of two bears. The mocha coloured bear is my first real amigurumi and you may recognise him from here.  The yellow bear is an amigurumi I made during…

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A picture explanation of a perfect protective hairstyle for me

I’m a scarf person. No ifs, ands, or buts. (Yes buts). So I adore this style idea to explore my scarf wrap fetish. AND it protects my hair extra from the garbage in the air. AND people TOUCHING it! Ugh…….why do people feel the need to touch????? Sorry, I promise to post a rant post on that subject. 

I sometimes, not always, start with pre-washed hair. When I don’t, I use this nifty, awesome tool. THE Q-REDEW!!!!  


It does what it advertises and more!!!!! I SERIOULSY encourage you to get one. When you are working with an old twist out etc, you need this to add moisture to your hair in a non-harsh way making it easier to work with reducing the occurrence of breakage which is VERY common when working with old twist outs. It cuts down on the need for too many WASH DAYS. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaate those. 

Once I sectioned my hair, Q-Redewing each section, and adding my moisturizer (in my case, just my Shea Butter and olive oil mixture), I start flat twisting in a downward pattern starting from top of my head and working my way down to front and down to back. 


I like to end them with a Bantu knot and leave them like that for a few hours to keep the ends curly. 


Once I’m done I start wrapping those scarves!!!!!



Sometimes, I let the ends loose. 


Try it out sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to rock a badu look for a week or two. 



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What are my next purchases for Jamberry Nails?????

You may or may not know but, Im also a Jamberry consultant. Which is perfect for me since I was a nail technician and I miss it dearly. I fell in love with Jamberry last year when a friend of mine started selling it and got me hook! I started by buying jams for myself and it quickly morphed into me selling it to people I run into in public and friends.  So I decided to sell it and get credit for it. I LOVE it because I’m gaining customers just from a trip to the grocery store. Now I work at an upscale consignment boutique and dear sweet baby Jesus they LOVE this stuff! It take a total of maybe 15 minutes to get done and when its on your nails you’re done, no drying or anything!!!!

Jamberry nail wraps are made from a proprietary, non-toxic, vinyl material that can be applied directly to your nails for a distinctive look not found anywhere else.  Jamberry wraps are NOT a nail polish strip, and each pack includes enough nail wraps for up to TWO manicures, TWO pedicures, and leftovers for accent nails

Jamberry Nails won’t damage your natural nails, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, latex-free, gluten-free, not tested on animals, requires no dry time, and doesn’t chip.


What are my favorite jams? This one:


Its called POPSTAR. Its comic book related and GOD I LOVE IT. This is a discontinued sheet of wraps. You can’t get it from anywhere but from me!!! I have a few to give away if you want to try it for yourself to even see if Jamberry is for you, WHICH IT IS! Email me at to get your free sample of this wrap.

What are the next Jamberry wraps Im going to buy???

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.33.52 PM

This one. Im loving this a lot because it speaks to me. Im waiting to see one of subway maps. I’d buy all they have!!!

Which one would you buy if you were to take advantage of Jamberry’s Buy 3 Get 1 FREE deal??? Tell me in the comments below and in the meantime visit: to see the choices! Don’t disregard Jamberry’s “Sparklin Solids” I found Gold and Silver metallics that are pretty flashy and loved them!

Thank you for reading!