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Where Have I Been?

I went far. Made MAJOR changes and change my profession. Don’t worry, I am still the “Weirdest Crochet Queen”. I just crocheted a frigging Gremlin, an Adam Duritz figure and currently working on a Gwen Stefani figure.

But this Adam Duritz figure………….


Why is this so huge for me? Because my customers love him so much. How did it get out of hand? A Counting Crows fan requested him, then shared him in an Official Counting Crows Fan Page on Facebook and everyone lost their minds. That’s fine, thanks, guys! So weird how things like that happen.


And yes, I made a gremlin and I will never make another one!

On that note, you WILL hear from me though!!!




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Martianed Up-cycled Blouse

I had a blouse I bought at Target, then got lost in Pinterest. What’s Pinterest you ask? It’s my kryptonite. I get lost in there if I’m not searching for anything specific. Don’t get lost in there folks, it’s crazy sauce!

This was the idea I saw:

I decided to do something different. This is the shirt I had on hand and the yarn I wanted to use:



I decided I want to cut the back out of this shirt and go from there. BUT NOTE: If you are deciding whether you want to do this or not PLEASE crochet the piece first THEN do your cutting, to make sure the piece is the right size!!!

As noted, the crochet pieces were made first then tacked on to the shirt:



Then the sewing started. Not easy since you have to make sure the sewing doesn’t cause the shirt to bunch. I used my mannequin to accomplish this and doing so slowly which is very rewarding!

This is the finished work:







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Mordecai Market

Mordecai Market is a monthly event featuring Raleigh City Farm, handpicked local artists and artisans presenting handmade arts and crafts as well as food trucks to tempt your taste buds and I was happy to be a part of it this Saturday, September 7th, 2013.

I was handpicked by Ann Marie Cassella of Ann Marie Print Art and Shane Hall Of Threadstock Screen Printing. Two very awesome people, fun to be around. Both have awesome products and believe in me.  And put this shindig together with finesse.  Mordecai Market, set up at the corner of Blount and Franklin Streets in Downtown Raleigh, is supported by local neighborhoods and businesses.

In connection with Raleigh City Farm is an urban farm growing food right here in the city, at the north end of downtown located across from Mordecai Market. Every city needs an urban farm to reduce waste, improve our diets, and re-connect urban dwellers with agriculture. They see urban agriculture as a necessary revision to city life. Dig where you live and Buy, Grow, Sell, Local!

I must say, I had a GREAT time and have been asked questions by customers that I’ve NEVER been asked before like “who was your biggest inspiration for crocheting?” or “why did you make this item?” or “why sell it for this price? I want to pay you more!”

I had very deep and meaningful conversations with the other vendors, some I’ve never met before. I have one I’m collabing on a crochet hook case, since she sews. Tia of Handcrafted by Tia, who, by the way shows up in a VW bus with an awning on the side that she puts all her creations under. LOVE!!

Im setting up getting laser cutting classes via bartering with Mark Plaga and Christie Chronister of High Tech Treasures. Now here’s the part where I get lost for words about their treasures….I only came up with one word: EPIC.  Things having to do with Star Wars wall art and laser cut disguises. This you have to see…

I also have a collab with my bestie Morgan Beeson of The Vintage Bee who is a local artisan featured on Oak City Crafts website. Oak City Crafts is a unique handmade community based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It features jewelry, clothes, and more made by local artists. Supporting its local handmade community. Morgan made an awesome vintage shirt using a doily in back and Im doing the doily this time!!! Can’t wait for the finished product! Super excited.

Made By Wales was selling their handcrafted leather goods. Bryan Wales does all the tooling, dyeing, and stitching of his leather goods. All done in-house and by hand!

Made By Wales

And how can I forget Ben Youngblood. Im so in love with his singing! He was PERFECT for this event! He tied the event all together! With a voice that makes you feel at home. I hope he sings at all of Mordecai Market‘s events!

Kirk Adam of Record Krate was there spinning some tunes and selling vinyl between Ben Youngblood’s sets. Kirk’s record collection is epically massive! He buys, sells, and trades records. Record Krate is located at 508 St. Mary’s Street in Raleigh. The hours are WED 12-3, THURS 12-7, FRI-SUN 12-6. He’s even open FIRST FRIDAYS 12-9!!!! And you can always make an appointment! You never know what he will find for you if you just ask!!

The Next Mordecai Market is October 5th, 2013 If you get a chance, check it out! The rest of the scedule is found on their Facebook page (which you should go LIKE while you’re at it!) . It runs through to December 2013!!!

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My Tie Fighter, My Picture

DSC_0008 DSC_0013

I work TOO LONG and TOO HARD to get where I am for someone to slander me. I’ve been up

all hours writing patterns and tweeking to make the perfect product for my customers. They

request it, I can make it. And I put my ALL into it. MY ALL. Sorry for the misunderstanding but now I

hope there is an understanding, that this is all me and not someone else putting in this work. All the credit

goes to Martian Creations, thank you.


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Crocheting in the Park

Moore Square Park Downtown Raleigh, NC
Moore Square Park Downtown Raleigh, NC

As you can see, I was getting down to business with my “Skull Shawl” Pattern in the park. I decided to go to Moore Square Park in Downtown Raleigh and just pick a bench and go to town on some crochet. Sparked alot of convos on how I was able to make a skull that quick with something I can make blankets out of. People were shocked that you can make more than scarves, hats, and blankies with crochet!

Here’s to an amazing day with shock and awe!