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2 Quarts Podcast | Martian Creations as a guest

Martian Creations was asked to do a podcast  here in Raleigh, NC. The best Podcast I’ve ever heard and I heard quite a few, is 2 Quarts Podcast with Paul West, Jason Kong, and Guillermo Quetzalcoatl (GQ).  We talked about MySpace, Matrix, Star Wars, Yarnbombing, Dating Advice and even had some alien trivia which I failed miserably at! Want to listen and laugh your butt off!!??? the link is below. When you get there just scroll down and press play!

2 Quarts Podcast
2 Quarts Podcast


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My Tie Fighter, My Picture

DSC_0008 DSC_0013

I work TOO LONG and TOO HARD to get where I am for someone to slander me. I’ve been up

all hours writing patterns and tweeking to make the perfect product for my customers. They

request it, I can make it. And I put my ALL into it. MY ALL. Sorry for the misunderstanding but now I

hope there is an understanding, that this is all me and not someone else putting in this work. All the credit

goes to Martian Creations, thank you.


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Woodchuck Loves The Martian

Hello world!!!

a couple updates! First off, I have a pattern for sale!!! go by Ravelry and go check it out! here’s a hint, its Vintage…..

And second of all, I received a random email from Woodchuck Hard Cider brewery in Vermont.  What’s that?! Ummmm, only my favorite beer in the world! They follow Martian Creations on Instagram. its because of photos like this gem that they contacted me! A phone interview for their blog is scheduled for tomorrow morning wish me luck, folks!! Im SUPER duper excited!

that is all….. enjoy your day!!!!